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The Veterans Memorial Recreation Area consists of 50 acres within a 680 acre parcel of conservation land known as the Great Gains Forest. The Vets is operated by the Franklin Outing Club, a 501(c)(3) volunteer run nonprofit organization.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit Franklin Outing Club offers year-round outdoor recreational activities for the entire family.  Through generous contributions from members and business sponsors - these activities are provided at a reduced rate, or no cost - to members and non-members alike.  The Outing Club serves the residents of the Capital Area & Lakes Region, as well as individuals ​visiting the State of New Hampshire. 

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Our Team.

Our FY 2023-24 Board of Directors


Learn About Our History

The Franklin Outing Club has been serving the greater Franklin area for over 80 years! Learn about our history.

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